TechCrunch:  ClearEdge Power Wins $2.8 Million Grant To Evangelize Fuel Cells

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ClearEdge Power, Inc.                                                       2011 - 2012

   Hillsboro, OR                                                                          

Vice President, Engineering                                                                      April, 2011 - February, 2012

ClearEdge Power was a private, venture-backed designer and manufacturer of stationary fuel cells for residential, commercial and government customers.  Responsible for product design, reliability improvements, and cost reduction.

  • Reduced product material cost by 50% in six months through design-driven improvements
  • Developed rigorous project and technology processes and successfully launched three derivative products
  • Worked closely with Field Service to develop focused reliability improvement projects.  Doubled MTBF of the system.

Todd V. Graves

Forbes:  ClearEdge Designs Fuel Cells To Replace Power From The Grid

Todd V. Graves

Carmel, Indiana, USA