Todd V. Graves

Carmel, Indiana, USA

National Research Council report on Applied Energy Research


US Patent #7,651,663

Appliance using a water hardness sensor system and method of operating the same

US Patent #7,030,349
Combination oven illumination in microwave only cooking mode

US Patent #6,987,252
Speedcooking oven including convection/bake mode and microwave heating

US Patent #6,696,676
Voltage compensation in combination oven using radiant and microwave energy

US Patent #6,528,772
Speed cooking oven and control apparatus

US Patent #6,525,301
Combination oven with manual entry of control algorithms

US Patent #6,521,870
Thermal/convection oven including halogen lamps

US Patent #6,333,492
Thermal compensation for visible light cooking oven